Today, Startups @ McMillan gave a lunch and learn presentation to members of the Vancouver WeWork office. The presentation, “CEMs, CRTC and CASL – a plain English chat on how to stay compliant with CASL”, was- as you could guess- an information session and Q&A period about real-world compliance with Canada’s Anti-Spam legislation.  In case you’re interested in learning more about this topic, check out our posts, and our top 5 tips (below) for CASL compliance!

Top Tips to stay CASL Compliant:

  1. Be honest and transparent in all communications.
  2. Before you send a message with a commercial purpose, have consent, disclose sender information, and provide an unsubscribe function.
  3. Train staff and contractors and audit them. Implement penalties and enforce the policies for failure to comply.
  4. Fines are hefty, so set company-wide policies carefully to be tailored to what you are actually doing to comply with CASL and what you’re doing to fix situations where you may fall out of compliance.
  5. Keep an up-to-date record of consents and of emails sent (or forms sent for any mass mailings). Try to keep mass mailings down. Recipients don’t appreciate filling their inbox without a value-add anyways.

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