PVCC 2018 a Success!

Last week McMillan was proud to once again act as platinum sponsor to the Pacific Venture Capital Conference and Competition (PVCC), held on March 22, 2018.

PVCC is a unique, student run event that combines keynote speakers, hands-on workshops/seminars, and a competition which brings together teams of student entrepreneurs, as well as teams of aspiring venture capitalists, in a pitch-based format.

Morgan McDonald and I were on hand during the afternoon workshops to deliver our seminar “Starting Up on the Right Foot: Five Tips for Early Stage Entrepreneurs” to a lively crowd of engaged attendees.

The Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital pitches which took place in the evening represented the final round for each stream of the competition.

From the Entrepreneurship stream, we heard from three very talented and innovative teams, with widely varying business pitches, from a new piece of innovative restaurant equipment, to consumer level IOT-enabled mold detection, to an on-demand vehicle diagnostic and repair service.

The Venture Capital stream is a bit different, and involves teams picking one of the Entrepreneurship teams to evaluate, as if they were VCs being asked to invest.  An impressive amount of research and analysis stood behind the impressive presentations, as each team did a lot more than just kick the tires.

In the end, the VC team  calling themselves “Warrior Capital” (not to be confused with various actual firms using that name) won the day in the valuation stream.

On the Entrepreneurship side, Team Kitau emerged victorious, walking away with prize money and a bank of legal services courtesy of Startups @ McMillan, for their business plans to automate the labour-intensive (and labour-expensive) kitchen task of polishing and sorting silverware.



Published by

Michael E. Reid

I am a Partner in McMillan’s Business group, and national Co-Chair, Startups and Emerging Companies. In my practice I work on general corporate/commercial matters, including debt and corporate/equity financing for private companies, as well as business acquisitions. I act for a wide range of clients, throughout the company life cycle from startup, through growth, in a range of industries, including in software, hi-technology, video games and entertainment.

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