At McMillan, we work with companies at every stage in the corporate lifecycle in many industries. While startups are often disruptive by nature, fracturing categories and defying compartmentalization, below are a few of the broad industry types we work with on a regular basis.


While boxed and enterprise-level software still has a place, startups are gravitating more and more toward software as a service, mobile applications and the provision of online services – all areas in which McMillan has a rich history and depth of understanding to help provide the very best in legal advice.

Entertainment and Media

Through the modern story of globalization and technology, media and entertainment products can be produced, distributed and consumed through more channels than ever before, and with this expansion come very real legal challenges, such as financing, sponsorship, licensing, intellectual property protection, and more.

Craft Distilling & Brewing

The craft distilling and brewing industries appeal to certain sorts of entrepreneurs who seek to blend age-old crafts with a disruptive movement, as consumers clamber for local, unique offerings. McMillan is ready, willing and able to help guide you through the legal and regulatory requirements you will face.


Biotech firms are innovating every single day, but they face a mountain of challenges from government regulation to intellectual property issues, financing concerns, commercialization, and liability matters. We can help.


These disruptive technology forces are changing the way consumers and businesses make investments, raise equity, borrow money, make payments and use currency – and require deep regulatory and financial services experience with a knowledge and understanding of the leading edge of technology.


Video Games

Whether played on a mobile device, console, PC or online, video games have come a long way from the arcade, representing a major economic industry and a key intersection between technology and entertainment. They also open up a variety of legal issues including intellectual property rights, licensing, corporate finance, and more.

Food, Beverage & Agritech

The food, beverage and agribusiness industries are vital and rapidly growing components of the economy, combining emerging technologies in product innovation, development and distribution with brand proliferation, greater consumer interest in nutritional and health issues, more stringent regulation, and stronger commitments to sustainability and biodiversity. We understand and can help.

Medical Marijuana

The implementation of the Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulation in Canada, and the potential for legalization here and abroad, has seen an explosion of startup medical marijuana growers, supporters and technology.  McMillan is on the leading edge of these developments, working with clients on financing, accessing public markets, licensing and intellectual property.


A new generation of ‘clean technology businesses’ and established players in the industry are meeting the need to commercialize new innovations that help reduce the population’s toll on the environment. McMillan professionals help startups in areas like smart grids, energy efficiency, energy storage, biofuels and biochemical production, waste management and recycling, and water conservation and wastewater treatment, to name but a few.

And beyond…

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